Monday, August 20, 2012

Radiance Freebie Mini Day 2 by Crazy 4 Monograms


Radiance Freebie Mini Day 2

Afternoon everyone. Just woke up a bit ago. Hubby and I slept in till almost noon. Normally lil man has us up by 7 but he decided to snooze as well! LOL cannot remember the last time I slept in that late. Man did I need it! Last nights drama had me so worked up. I wanted to hurt someone I was so mad. It will get resolved. The irony of all this is with all the incidents of people trying to resale our products and post em for free downloads online we have always just shrugged it off and people are people and will be what they are no point getting bent about it yet the people that are claiming to be out there to protect the artists are the ones we have to take to court for damages in response to slander. Is it just me or does this seem completely upside down? It will get worked out. I do appreciate all your feedback and support. You are all wonderful. Here is day 2 of the freebies for you. Enjoy!